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The place was originally a forest where bog trees and exotic plants grew. There were wild animals like carabaos, cows, deers, monkeys, and other wild animals. The people were mostly Isneg. With the coming of the First World War, people from the lowlands came to settle here. It was here where the last battle of San Fernando was fought during the Japanese occupation. To commemorate this historic event, The Bacsil Ridge Monument was built on this site. It is now one of the most visited places in the city.


Location : 8.00 Km East City Proper

Barangay Boundaries:

  • North : Barangay Calabugao
  • East : Barangay Bangbangolan
  • South : Barangay Apaleng
  • West : Barangay Pias

Land Area : 149.300 hectares

Population : 652

Voting Population : 352

No. of Households : 130

Average Household Size : 5.43


Total No. of Business Establishments : 5 (with business permit as of October 2007)

Predominant Businesses or Products Produced in the Barangay : Rice Mill, Store, Agricultural Products (Rice, Tobacco, Corn, Vegetables)

Barangay Hall : Purok 5

Barangay Health Center : Purok 5

Barangay Day Care Center : Purok 5

School/s : None

Infrastructure & Utilities:

  • Electricity - Supplied by LUELCO
  • Water - Spring, deep well and dug well
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