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During the Pre-Spanish times, there was a mountainous land in the northeastern part of the city where only a few people came to live. An old man named Pascual and his family were the first inhabitants. They searched for a place to stay and a means of livelihood and found what is now Barangay Bato, which has large stones.
Since they did not have facilities for recreation, they began to think of ways to keep them busy and what came to their minds were the stones and what to do with them. With imaginative minds and skillful hands they began to make tables, chairs and flower pots out of the stones. A round table of about one meter in diameter still exists up this date in one of the houses of one of the grandchildren of old Pascual. From these stones, they made also their tools. But the most wonderful work was a staircase going up to the highest part of the mountain. When old Pascual and his children died, they left these stone work and also their skills to their children who in turn passed on their children. After a number of years, the people decide to call their Barangay Bato because of the stone carvings and also in memory of their elders led by old Pascual, “Bato” being the Ilocano term for stone.


Location : 7.00 Km North-East of the City Proper

Barangay Boundaries:

  • North : Barangay Dinanum, San Juan, La Union
  • East : Barangay Abut
  • South : Barangay Saoay
  • West : Barangay Bangcusay

Land Area : 131.4162 hectares

Population : 833

Voting Population : 531

No. of Households : 163

Average Household Size : 5.16


Total No. of Business Establishments : 10 (with business permit as of October 2007)

Predominant Businesses or Products Produced in the Barangay: Agricultural Products (Rice, Tobacco, Corn, Vegetables)                 

Barangay Hall : Purok 2

Barangay Health Center : Purok 2

Barangay Day Care Center : Purok 2

School/s : None

Infrastructure & Utilities:

  • Electricity - Supplied by LUECO
  • Water - Spring and dug well
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