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Barangay San Vicente is often dubbedas the “usuken” or “kasay” of the southern part of the city because of the caves that are made of stones aln the shoreline. There lived a fisherman who went out fishing, his net trapped a heavy object. It was an old wooden receptacle. He opened it and found inside a wooden image of “San Vicente”. Thus the village people named the barangay “San Vicente” in honor of their adopted Patron Saint.

DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE:                                                                                                        

Location : 5.00 Kilometers away from the city proper

Barangay Boundaries:

  • North : Barangay Parian
  • East : Barangay Pagudpud and Parian
  • South : China Sea
  • West : Barangay Canaoay

Land Area : 113.80 Hectares

Population : 2680

Voting Population : 1273

No. of Households : 544

Average Household Size : 5.17


Total No. of Business Establishments : 45 (with business permit as of October 2007)

Predominant Businesses or Products Produced in the Barangay: Lodging Houses / Inns, Beach Cottages Aquatic Resources

Barangay Hall :Lorenzo Dacanay Avenue

Barangay Health Center : Lorenzo Dacanay Avenue

Barangay Day Care Center : Lorenzo Dacanay Avenue

School/s : Diocesan Sacred Heart of Jesus Seminary

Infrastructure & Utilities:

  • Electricity - Supplied by LUECO
  • Water - MLUWD, deep well and dug well
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