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BY: Erwin Beleo


police clearance system 01 egbeleo

Photo by: Erwin Beleo


The City Police recently launched the New National Police Clearance System called Police Clearance LANI (Locally and Nationally Integrated), a web-based database software application aimed at identifying and solving crimes faster and easier.


Under the new PNP clearance, criminal records of applicants can be easily tracked in the portal to ensure that applicants do not have a standing warrant of arrest, convicted, under probation and/or pending case.

According to the new policy, the approximate processing time is shortened to thirty (30) minutes, saving approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes of the applicant’s time.

All data are gathered and stored in the PNP clearance database located in Camp Crame which complies with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. All are kept confidential and only available to authorized law enforcers.

Aside from the police clearance, other systems like the Case Management and Analysis System, the Case Information and Database Management System, the “e-Rogues Gallery” and “e-Warrant” System, and the Crime Information Reporting and Analysis System were also launched.

This new system policy is mandated by the Philippine National Police through its Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management – Information Technology Division.



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