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BY: Clifford Mercado


Photo by: Clifford Mercado

Solo parents play two roles in raising up a child – a mother and a father. When a child needs comfort, the parent wears a mother’s hat. For protection and providence, the parent wears a father’s hat. Most of the time, a solo parent has to wear both to ensure that their children receive the tender love and care that they deserve. Playing two roles is rewarding yet exhausting, that is why 530 solo parents took the time off to celebrate their day last August 4 during the conduct of the first ever People’s Day for Solo Parents.


Photo by: Clifford Mercado

The City Government of San Fernando values the welfare of the solo parents. To show our highest respect and appreciation for them, we have created various activities that would benefit each parent holistically.

Peoples Day Solo Parent 01 Egbeleo

Photo by:Erwin Beleo

A lecture on “Smart Parenting and Parenting the Millennials" was given by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Estrella Perez which aimed at understanding the dynamics of parenting and relationship building.  This was followed by an open forum for single mothers.


Photo by: Clifford Mercado


Photo by: Clifford Mercado


Photo by: Clifford Mercado

They also attended trainings on Food Safety Seminar and Entrepreneurial and Financial Management which aimed at generating livelihood opportunities for solo parents. At the end of the day, selected participants were given livelihood packages such as rice retailing, goat raising, baking, welding, frozen food retailing, sari-sari store, food processing and meat processing. Medical, dental, and legal assistance were also provided.


Photo by: Clifford Mercado

Peoples Day Solo Parent 14 Egbeleo

Photo by: Erwin Beleo

Peoples Day Solo Parent 17 Egbeleo

Photo by: Erwin Beleo

Peoples Day Solo Parent 16 Egbeleo

Photo by: Erwin Beleo

An onsite registration was administered by the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) to help solo parents who have not yet availed the Solo Parent Identification Card and receive the benefits it constitutes. The City Public Employment Services Office (PESO) was also present to assist on job inquiries.

Peoples Day Solo Parent 19 Egbeleo

Photo by: Erwin Beleo

TESDA scholarships were also granted to 54 recipients who were meticulously selected by the CSWDO. While another set of TESDA scholars will undergo training on Basic Hilot, Manicure and Pedicure and Basic Haircutting with Hairdressing from August 13 to September 8.

Peoples Day Solo Parent 04 Egbeleo

Photo by: Erwin Beleo

IMG 9620

Photo by: Clifford Mercado

IMG 9628

Photo by: Clifford Mercado

Acknowledging the difficulties of our Solo Parents, Mayor Dong Gualberto who was a solo parent himself for 17 years, recognizes the need to provide much needed support to help them create a better life for their kids.


Photo by: Clifford Mercado


Photo by: Clifford Mercado

Peoples Day Solo Parent 11 Egbeleo

Photo by: Erwin Beleo


Photo by: Clifford Mercado

Peoples Day Solo Parent 08 Egbeleo

Photo by: Erwin Beleo

Aside from Manong Dong, Councilors Jessie Miranda and Ferdinand Verzosa were also in attendance.



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