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BY: Adrienne Margaux Dolores

equipment 01 egbeleo

(Photo by: Erwin Beleo)

2 years ago, the state of the Engineered Sanitary Landfill Facility (ESLF) located at Brgy. Mameltac was one of the pressing issues faced by the City. With the increasing volume of garbage being collected everyday, ESLF might not be able to contain the City's garbage and wastes for any longer. What was once an alarming issue has now undergone a series of developments with the prompt and coordinated response from the City, headed by Mayor Dong Gualberto through the City Environment and Natural Resources Office.



equipment 05 egbeleo

(Photo by: Erwin Beleo)

Manong Dong, Councilor Ramon Laudencia, Bureau of Fire and Protection, CENRO department head Valmar Valdez,  along with the procurement committee of the city attended the blessing of new equipment at the ESLF in Brgy. Mameltac. These equipment include 1 hydraulic excavator, 1 wheel loader, and 1 dump truck which are to be used at the ESLF.  Other equipment that belong to other offices specifically 1 rescue vehicle, 2 travel boats, 1 dump truck, 1 motorcycle and 3 tricycles are also blessed in the event.

equipment 04 egbeleo

(Photo by: Erwin Beleo)

equipment 02 egbeleo

(Photo by: Erwin Beleo)

equipment 03 egbeleo

(Photo by: Erwin Beleo)

Manong Dong also conducted a quick inspection of the on going systems being developed in the landfill. CENRO is currently developing a centralized Materials Recovery Facility or MRF to segregate recyclables and accommodate and process biodegradables into  organic fertilizer while continuous soil cover is being applied over the waste to prevent odors and minimize leachate production also known as "Katas ng Basura". Aside from this, ESLF has an existing Leachate Treatment Pond to treat and recycle the leachate coming from the Landfill. The CENRO has proposed an additional three phase treatment system to further treat this. The first stage of the project is currently under construction.

equipment 06 egbeleo

(Photo by: Erwin Beleo)

With the collective efforts of the people and the City Government, we are positive that we will be able to solve one problem at a time.



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