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By: Frances Paulynn Lasquite and Patrick Balanon 


(Photo by: Jonathan Geronimo)

A total of 31 Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders  (LGBT) vie for four crowns namely, Mister PoGay, Miss TransGay, Mister Lesbian and Miss Gay in the LGBT Night which aims to break biases to create an inclusive society where everyone can thrive, March 16.

The competition highlighted the beauty, talents, and wit of the members of the LGBTQ Community from the city.

To open the program, Counselor Dr. Jessie Miranda gave an opening message, followed by another note coming from Honorable Vice Mayor Alf Ortega.

Flaunting colorful outfits, the contestants paraded their creative costumes and had themselves introduced. The beachwear and formal wear competition immediately followed.

Rochel 2

(Photo by: Rochel Limon)


(Photo by: Jonathan Geronimo)

jonats4 2

(Photo by: Jonathan Geronimo)


(Photo by: Jonathan Geronimo)

There were eight contestants in the three categories, Miss TransGay, Miss Gay and Mister PoGay who battled for the crown, and seven for Mister Lesbian.

Set of minor awards were given to the contestants before the top 4 in each category were named.

The top 4 candidates in each category went through the Question and Answer portion to determine the winners. The candidates were judged with the criteria 50% Beauty and 50% Intelligence.


(Photo by: Ralph Santos)

The winners of the competitions are as follows:

Mister Pogay 2019 - Mark Kenneth Hufana

Miss Gay 2019 - EJ Gayrama

Miss Transgay 2019 - Angel Molina

Mister Lesbian 2019 - Ian Arzadon

As an LGBTQ-friendly community, the People’s City of San Fernando seeks to find ways to promote an all-inclusive city where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. The success of the LGBT Night lays the foundations of the city’s vision which is “Sabay-sabay, Pantay-pantay” for the LGBTQ Community, serving its purpose of becoming an avenue to raise awareness about protecting the rights and the concerns of the LGBTQ Community, ensuring that no one is being left behind.



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