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BY: Adrienne Margaux Dolores

SFC Drug Cleared WM Website

 (Photo by: Erwin Beleo)

The City Government of San Fernando is committed to making the People’s City, a Drug-free City. During the past three years, the City Government of San Fernando has continuously coordinated with the Philippine National (PNP) and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to fight illegal drugs in the City. PNP and PDEA, agencies that are in charge of anti-drug operations such as Project Padari and Oplan Harabas respectively, have been closely monitoring the barangays in the City.

In response to the call of eradicating illegal drugs, the City has established Lakas ng Pagbabago, a community-based drug rehabilitation program for the City’s drug surrenderees. The program includes leadership trainings, spiritual and values formation, and mandatory drug testing. The first batch of the said program successfully produced 328 recovery champions last year.

The program also promotes family re-integration and community involvement activities. The Anti-Illegal Drug Campaign for the year 2019 is set to formally launch in June and November. This will train recovery champions to assist in conducting awareness and campaign in various schools and barangays in the City. It is the City’s hope that the recovery champions’ first-hand experience of the negative effects of illegal drugs may inspire and convince its citizens to turn away from it as well.

Moreover, the City has also established a Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) in every barangay. The Council shall be in charge of monitoring drug surrenderees in their respective barangays, and initiating activities and campaigns for illegal drug abuse awareness.

As of date, 27 of 39 barangays yielded as drug affected have already been cleared while the rest are still undergoing necessary interventions under PNP and PDEA’s close monitoring.

The People’s City of San Fernando is steadfast in coordinating with authorities for the country’s anti-drug campaigns while making sure that none of its people gets left behind. The City is committed to lifting every sector of its people, anchoring and empowering them to become better citizens. Rest assured that the City will always be of assistance and guidance to drug surrenderees, in rebuilding their relationship with their families, regaining their dignity in the society, and restoring their love for their life and the people around them.



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