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BY: Clifford Mercado


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)

With the goal of the City Government to uphold a healthy People’s City, a number of activities for different sectors in the community were held to promote good nutrition in celebration of the Nutrition Month with the theme "Kumain nang Wasto at Maging Aktibo....Push Natin 'to..."


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)

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(Photo by: Jeanne Meredor)

The kickstart of the activities was a physical wellness zumba session for mothers and 64 barangay nutrition scholars held at the People's Hall on July 12, 2019. This was followed by Urban Container Gardening and Mushroom Production Training that is aimed at equipping moms and barangay nutritionists of the basic know-how in growing vegetables crops in confined spaces, which may provide fresh produce for the family as well as serve as an additional source of income. 


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)

After the activities for mothers, barangay nutritionists, and barangay nutrition scholars, the children took part in the celebration. On July 19, 11 elementary school students showed-off their speaking prowess during the Oratorical Contest. In their oratorical pieces, they emphasized the importance of eating the right food as well as the benefits they get from these. They also campaigned about being active and getting oneself into sports, maintaining healthy lifestyles by avoiding too much time playing with computers and gadgets.


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)

Drawing skills and creativity were also exhibited in a Poster-Slogan Making Contest on July 26 at the People's Hall. The competition presented pieces from 9 equally talented elementary artists and it portrayed the importance of good nutrition in attaining one's goal in life.


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)

IMG 0395

(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)

The month-long celebration culminated with the Little Mr. & Miss Nutrikid 2019 and Literary Competition for the bright pupils of Child Development Centers (CDC) where Acting City Mayor Alf Ortega graced the occasion. 12 pairs of adorable kids, who proudly represent the 12 districts in the city were dressed in their cowboy hats, boots and costumes. Their introduction was filled with energy as they danced with the music and introduced themselves in front of visitors and parents. During the talent portion, creativity filled the room as the kids showcased song and dance numbers, poem recitations and colorful costumes decorated with different fruits and vegetables to promote healthy nutrition for everyone. After the Little Mr. & Miss Nutrikid 2019, 12 kids recited pieces with the message of pushing for good nutrition towards health body in the the Literary Contest.


(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)

IMG 0441

(Photo by: Clifford Mercado)

The City Government continues to uphold health and wellness by embracing and promoting these programs. Just like what  Manong Dong always says, the health and well-being of the citizens is essential in the fulfillment of our People’s City Vision.



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