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CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, La Union - The National Museum of the Philippines is looking into the possibility that would make a landmark here declaring it as a national cultural treasure, placing it as among the top tourist attractions in the country.
Bacsil Ridge is historically-known as where the Filipino Guerillas, together with the US soldiers, fought against the invading Japanese forces during World War II to victory.
The site is located in Barangay Bacsil, about 10 kilometers from the city proper here where a symbolical marker and a monument for the heroes were built to honor them on the hilltop.

During the 71st commemoration of the Victory at Bacsil Ridge held on March 19, 2016, Dr. Ana Maria Theresa Labrador, a director of the National Museum of the Philippines and a Cambridge doctorate of Museology, spoke on the possibility and together with former Mayor Mary Jane Ortega, an initiator and leading advocate for the Ridge to what it is now.

The plan would also include the war watchtowers of the 400-year-old Car Rille- Carlatan, San Juan, Bacnotan, Luna, Balaoan, Luna Namacpacan Church, all in La Union and “witnesses” to wars that residents in La Union fought for.

There are still three living survivors of the WWII here; Francisco Pulido, 96; Francisco Tadifa, 95; and Benjamin Flores, 90. They would serve as part of the official documentation of the needed criteria to qualify the landmark as a national museum.  

A wreath-laying ceremony in honor of the heroes was graced by First District Representative Victor F. Ortega, Mayor Pablo Ortega, Sangguniang Panlungsod Members, City Department Heads and employees and relatives of the late Corporal Jose Baliton Nisperos, a Medal of Valor recipient of the US Military represented by his son-in-law-Fernando Villanueva, with a Holy Mass delivered at the site by Rev. Fr. Roberto Benito Collado, Parish Priest of the St. William Cathedral. (With reports from Anne Hazel F. Flores-CMB/CGSFLU)



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