In grateful thanksgiving to the City of San Fernando and Province of La Union, we have personally commissioned the 25 foot statue of Christ the Redeemer at Reservoir Hill, overlooking the city proper and San Fernando Bay.

This was inspired by former Undersecretary Jose “Peping” Mabanta whose wife Belle, is first cousin on the Campos side.  He invited us to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer that he put up in his retirement home in Pililla, Rizal, similar to that in Brazil. I thought it would be good to have similar statue at Bacsil Ridge. Again Peping suggested that we put it up near the city proper. When Mr. Juan Go heard about this, he offered his lot for free. We are thankful that Mr. Juan Go and family donated the 100 sq. meter area on which the statue stands. We have a common dream, a dream of leaving a landmark that would express our gratitude for the love and support from our community.

We give the statue with the hope that we will be reminded to pray for our city and our province so that its residents and visitors will be kept safe from harm. May His outstretched arms radiate His Blessings into our homes. May His open heart pour His unconditional love into the hearts of each one of us. As we look up into the sky to reach for Him, may His overwhelming presence infuse in us the gratitude for the life that we now enjoy.

Stands as a symbol of the bravery and unity of the earlier residents in their fight against the marauding pirates called “Tirong, who plundered the Ilocos seacoasts more than 400 year ago. The watch tower was turned-over to the City Government on June 29, 2007.

Location: Barangay Carlatan

In the Chinese hierarchy of folk deities, Ma-Cho (Matzu) is the powerful Queen of Heavens and protector of the sea. She is the patron saint of fishermen and overseas Chinese.

Legend says she was born a mortal named Lin Mo-liang (silent girl) sometime during the Northern Sung Dynasty (960-1127 A.D.) near Meizhou Bay in Fujian Province, China.

During her lifetime of only 28 years she was said to be exceptionally pure of spirit and compassionate. It is said that she had supernatural powers and performed miracles, subduing evil spirits and averting disasters at sea. She sacrificed her life while trying to save seafarers endangered by rough seas.

Bacsil Ridge is one of the most famous battle sites in the region. This is found in a mountainous terrain about 10 kilometers east of the city proper. It was the border of the Japanese Line established in mid-January 1945 and the Joint 121st Infantry Regiment of USAPIF-NI. A monument stands in the ridge to commemorate the hard-fought and won battle in the city.

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