The Garden is situated on a hilly twenty-hectare land, eight kilometers east form the city proper of San Fernando, La Union, with fully maintained concrete roads. The first of its kind in the Philippines, a scientific garden and the center for laboratory research in Northern Luzon was inaugurated on March 2, 1996.

The Garden as main tourist destination is meant to give an accurate impression of the various plant worlds, which grow in tropical, sub-tropical and desert climates. All plants are labeled in their local and scientific names with their origin. It is a country-style garden where plant life and wildlife, ornaments and oddments go hand in hand. The resulting harmony, together with the solitude and peace naturally give the Garden a great therapeutic effect.


botanical garden

Location: Barangay Cadaclan

  •  Shade Garden     : displays the shade-loving  plants
  • Sunken Garden   : which has natural terrain of the area
  • Fragrance Garden : especially for the blind
  • Children’s Garden : which has natural playground
  • Medicinal Garden : where dozens of herbs and medicinal plants are cultivated and neatly arrange serves also as a butterfly sanctuary that can surely catch a visitor’s eye.
  • Chinese Garden  : with a complete scenery of ornamental plants which leads the way up to the White Garden and a View Deck.
  • Banana Area and the Garden of Native species which all could be reached through the Mabolo Avenue, lined with opposite rows of Mabolo or Kamagong, (Diospyros philippinesis), a tree specie native to the Philippines.
  • Japanese Garden : which gives fitting honor to the Japanese Peace Corp Volunteers, whom planted about 1,500 mango trees in the area about twenty eight years ago.
  • Arid Paradise : where several species of cacti and succulents are found.
  • Friendship Garden : located just above the Picnic Ground.
  • Evergreen Garden
  • Palmery
  • Arid Collection
  • Heliconia Collection
  • Small Mulbery and Pineapple Plantations
  • Mango Avenue and the Bambusetum : has at least 18 bamboo specieMango Avenue and the Bambusetum : has at least 18 bamboo specie.
  • Aviary : where exotic birds like talking mynah, monkeys, eagles, iguana and other friendly animals were displayed.
  • Doña Corazon Ortega Orchidarium : a place of different orchid specie.

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