High-risk barangays strengthen their Covid-19 response in cooperation with the City Government

As a response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in their areas, high-risk barangays have been strengthening their health and safety measures, in close coordination with the City Government and PNP.


In Brgy. Catbangen, Puroks 3A and 3C are being closely monitored by the barangay officials since their lockdown started. The barangay is also coordinating with the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) so that food packs could be distributed to the affected families.

In addition, the tanods and PNP personnel have been roving in the said areas and in the other parts of the barangay to ensure the residents’ compliance with health protocols. They have also set up control points to monitor the people who enter and leave the critical areas and to avoid the further spread of COVID-19.

As for their vaccination status, officials and health workers have been encouraging their residents to register by doing house-to-house visits. Barangay Captain Jeffrey Apilado also mentioned they accompany senior citizens and individuals with comorbidities in the vaccination site.

Kap Jeffrey also said that most of their COVID-19 cases are caused by local transmission within families. And so, he coordinates with the organizations in the puroks to let them help with the implementation of safety protocols in their specific areas.

“Disiplina ang kailangan dahil marami pa ring matitigas ang ulo,” Kap Jeffrey encourages their more than 11,000 residents to help in curbing COVID-19 by always following the minimum health protocols.


In Brgy. Poro, with the help of PNP, a single exit and entrance point has been set up since last night to monitor who comes in and out of the critical areas. Tanods in shifting schedules have also been patrolling 24/7.

Because their barangay covered court is also a vaccination location, they also help monitor the compliance of citizens in this area. As for the families with COVID-19 cases, Barangay Secretary Boy Unson mentioned that their barangay workers are in close coordination with CSWDO so relief goods and supplies could be given out to the said families.

To help convince their residents to get vaccinated, Secretary Boy said that their main strategy is for their barangay officials to serve as role models. “Nagpabakuna kami mula kapitan, hanggang kagawad, tanods, barangay staff, at barangay health workers para mahikayat ang mga residente. Kahit ako nga na senior na, nagpabakuna na rin,” he added.

Secretary Boy hopes that everyone would cooperate with them because they are also doing their best for the citizens, “With our COVID-19 response, we’re very open to criticisms. Pero sa parte namin, ginagawa talaga namin lahat para masunod ng mga residente ang health protocols.”


Brgy. Sevilla has been giving free masks and face shields to residents. They also posted tarps with hotlines and health protocols in their puroks as reminders. Their control point near the barangay hall also checks the entry and exit of people to avoid further spread of COVID-19.

The tanods and two groups of PNP personnel have also been doing rounds to monitor the residents’ compliance with health protocols. They also help distribute relief goods to those affected by COVID-19. In addition, the officials also monitor food establishments and sari-sari stores to ensure they close on time and are following safety standards.

Kap Mercita Sulmarin also encourages their residents to get vaccinated for added protection against COVID-19. As support, they also purchased medicines and vitamins for distribution to residents.

To her constituents and other barangays, Kap Mercita says, “Huwag na po kayong pasaway. Hangga’t pasaway kayo, lalong lalala ito. Disiplina ang kailangan.”

Like what Kap Jeffrey, Secretary Boy, and Kap Mercita mentioned, discipline is strongly encouraged among the residents of San Fernando, vaccinated or not. Let us all stand tall against COVID-19, kakabsat! Mag-ingat tayo upang muli tayong makabalik sa isang masagana at masiglang #SanFernandoTayo.