Public service is a commitment. It is a commitment to the people who have elected you into office, to put their needs above your own. It is a commitment to the City to make this governance stand out. It is a commitment to the employees who look to us for guidance and inspiration. It is a commitment to yourself to become the leader you have always wanted to be.

With public office comes public trust and I commit the continuity of the Friendship Cup, an established sports league conducting tournaments, clinics to develop and promote sports at the grassroots and build a community of leaders; the LINK or the Lupon ng mga Indibidwal na Nangangalaga ng Kalikasan, growing community of young greens working towards environmental action, conservation and education; the First Responders’ Training and Rescue Olympics, a continuing series of trainings for rescuers at the barangay level; a Ride for Change, a two-fold advocacy for motorcycle and road safety as well as environmental action. I commit these and other programs, projects and activities that facilitate the delivery of basic services to the constituents of the City.

As leaders of the City of San Fernando it is our duty and responsibility to exact change, provide better opportunities, and ensure a better quality of life for its residents. Be it through Operation Magsidalus Iti Arubayan na, a flagship project of former Governor and Mayor of the City of San Fernando, Manoling C. Ortega, the promotion of a business-friendly city to attract potential investors, or the conduct of health and wellness activities to engage various sectors towards better physical condition.

City employees as well as civil society look to public officials to set the tone of public service and engagement. As a public servant, I commit myself to motivate, inspire and not just uphold the status quo, but also tap fresh ideas, engage new talents and take time to listen. I also commit to a continued partnership with our elected City Mayor Manong Dong Gualberto and to pave the way towards our common vision of building a People’s City.

The Sangguniang Panlungsod shall also play a key role in bringing legislation to our constituents through stakeholder consultations, out-of-hall sessions and constant tracking and monitoring of present legislations to ensure they serve their purpose.

With the public eye on the government through social and mass media, I commit to take the challenge and opportunity to exact quality governance from myself, from my colleagues and from the City Government of San Fernando. Because I believe that we are in an arena where real change can happen, where real leadership matters, and where a good idea can touch the lives of thousands of citizens of our beloved City.

This is my commitment. And I commit to start now.