Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction
  Committee on Education
  Committee on Good Governance and Oversight


I am really grateful for the overwhelming support, trust and confidence given by our constituents in the recent election, which I am again entrusted to continue my public service.

As I further my step to realize my political aspiration, it is my desire to harness legislative measures as a tool to translate our city’s vision into tangible programs and projects. By restating my dreams into words, I am assured that progress in our city is not only strong and healthy but more importantly, stable, balanced, righteous and sustainable.

With the ordinances and resolutions enacted by the previous Sangguniang Panlungsod as well as those to be crafted by the incoming members of the city council, I know that these issuances will provide policies that have direct impact and benefits to our constituents. All these, I believe will serve as a base and foundation to become a self- reliant and caring city in the Ilocandia and in the country as a whole.

The value of open communication and transparency is so important to understand each other. When both government and the people whom they serve are willing to listen and not to resort to unnecessary arguments then we can achieve a harmonious relationship. I believe that if there are open and sincere dialogues and consultations, a clearer appreciation of what we are trying to do will ultimately come up with prudent decisions, formulate responsive policies and effect good governance.

My advocacy is to commit myself to craft policies, programs and strategies to promote peaceful environment sine qua non to socio-economic development, fair and objective governance. Envisage of hope to a better future; A vision of equality and equity among the people; A vision of faith to the almighty and love to our fellowmen. All these visions draw to uplift the quality of life and morale of the people in pursuit to make the City of San Fernando a better place to live in.

Again, thank you for the trust.