Committee on Local and International Relations 


As a bonafide resident of our beloved City of San Fernando, I have witnessed how our hometown became one of the most progressive Cities of the North. I can still recall my elementary days where I had to go to school with slippers and sometimes walk barefoot to attend our daily lecture. Before, I have to go to school the earliest time possible because I have to walk along the rice field. Nowadays, our roads are cemented. This is transformation. And this is what I envisioned. I never thought in my whole life that I will be elected as a City Councilor and be given a chance to serve our beloved City. Now that I am in the position, I want to be part of this transformation. Good governance is all that I could offer. And good governance means transformation. Good governance begins in ourselves. It is dedicating not only our time but our heart and soul to the people without expecting something in return. It would be our fulfillment to witness our people become more confident and equitable citizens. And to do this, I would like to reach out and discuss what they envision because I believe that our people are our top priority.

The different sectors in our society such as the solo parents, persons with disability, out of school youth and the like should also be given a chance to be self-assured in facing their challenges in life. Next is developing CONVERGENCE in public service. This is what we need. I want the different sectors to work as one in the fulfillment of our vision. There should be a collaborative effort between public and private sectors or agencies for the economic development of the City, promotion of health and wellness, implementation of livelihood projects and infrastructure, empowering our young leaders in terms of giving educational assistance and trainings, and empowering our barangay patrol for peace and order.