hon. john h. orros



  Committee on Social Services
  Committee on Public Works and Other Utilities
  Committee on Peace and Order and Public Safety


A solid 21-year public service experience as City Councilor, John H. Orros shall continue to provide the people of City of San Fernando, La Union an unwavering commitment to respond to their needs and aspirations through enactment of timely and relevant resolutions and ordinances and other legislative interventions. 

Councilor John Orros promises to support any undertakings and policies that will promote progress and development in the City. The continued trust and confidence of the people of San Fernando remain his strong motivation and inspiration to give genuine public service. He will strongly advocate for people’s participation in the policy-making for he believes that each can contribute to the development of the City of San Fernando.

Councilor John Orros looks forward to another three years of working for the betterment of the people and of his beloved City of San Fernando. As we gradually cope with the effects of the pandemic, Councilor John Orros commits to work hard through legislative interventions to create a community that is ready, resilient and a community helping one another.