Committee on Finance, Budget, and Appropriations
  Committee on Land Use, Zoning, and Urban Planning
  Committee on Information and Communication Technology


We believe in the power of the Filipino youth to make a lasting impact in society and as such we aim to empower them through access to education and opportunities to be active drivers of economic growth, environmental sustainability, social progress.

Education happens within the context of a larger community. Our approach extends beyond the school to help ensure students have the necessary life skills that will help them transition to become productive members of the workforce and active participants in economic growth.

As I come into a new stage of my life, as we welcome the new Public Servants of the next three years, Unity and Solidarity are the call of time. Let us roll our sleeves to serve the people who elected us. The constituents look upon us to serve them to the best of our ability and competences. I commit for the The Youth life Skills Center YES (Youth Education & Sports) a skill development and empowerment of the youth through education and sports, YES (Youth Economic Success), enabling economic participation of the youth through enterprise and business success, YO (Youth Online) reducing the digital divide amongst the youth by providing equal access to the internet and technology and developing skills and values of the youth to be responsible global netizens.

For me, I commit myself to give my utmost, to be conscious of the needs of our constituents, as we start making legislations that will somehow uplift the lives of our citizens and hasten the delivery of services and improve the community we live in. I make no promises but definitely will exert my best efforts.

We want happiness for our constituents, but we want to obtain it through noble and just means. This is what we pledge to… our loyalty and commitment to the people we serve and our people above ourselves through noble means and through our very best. And we can only do this through God that guides and strengthens us all.