Committee on Peace and Order
  Committee on Trade, Commerce, and Industry
  Committee on Transportation and Traffic Management


I am honored and humbled by the overwhelming support and trust of the people of San Fernando City in my capacity as a leader and a public servant during the recently concluded local elections. My re-election as a City Councilor re-affirms the trust and confidence of the people of San Fernando to me as a trusted public servant and a legislator and for this I shall be forever thankful. Having the trust of the people gives me the strength to continue serving the City through effective legislation and implementation of significant programs and projects for the benefit of the people.

The opportunity to be of service to the people of San Fernando does not come easy, but a genuine intention outweighs the difficulties I may encounter. While there will always be more work to accomplish and more challenges to meet, I am reminded today of how fortunate I am to be tasked with the responsibility of being one to stir our city to the direction of progress and development.

As a legislator, I commit to continue working for the enactment of timely, relevant and effective legislative measures that will have positive impact to the lives of the residents. Anchored on the City’s vision to empower the residents economically and socially, I shall work and support measures to establish an environment that will foster the flourish of commerce and trade in the city. As we move to become a People’s City, I recognize the importance of every resident in the development of the City, as each plays a role towards our desired progress.

For the next three years, I look forward to serving the people of the City of San Fernando with integrity, accountability, competence and loyalty and shall uphold public interest over personal interest –- truly TATAK ORTEGA!