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The vision of San Fernando, La Union becoming a People’s City can become real only if we, the residents – permanent and temporary – will realize and feel that we own, and we belong to, our city. We value what we own, what belong to us. We take care of them. We do not want to lose them. We do not want them destroyed or to suffer from neglect and lack of care.

Therefore, a People’s City starts with the people believing: a) that they are all part of one community that is united by a common purpose and inspired by hopes and dreams for a better future for everyone; and b) that they have a responsibility to help achieve the common purpose and realize those dreams.

If each one believes that she is part of a community, she will realize that the welfare of the community must come first. She will understand and learn that her personal sentiments, ideas, opinions, and preferences are not better, or the best, compared to those of others. She will learn to respect the ability, talents, and expertise of other members of the community in different areas. She will, therefore, learn that the differences in values and abilities are not causes of conflicts and disputes but are sources of strength, creativity, and resourcefulness that can be harnessed to realize our dreams.

But before we can believe and realize that we are responsible for creating a People’s City that takes care of the welfare of each member of our community, we must re-educate ourselves. We must look back and learn from the successes and failures of the past. Obviously, we need to strengthen our cooperation and to lend our talents and skills despite the traditional, but illusory, barriers of differences in religion, political affiliation, gender preference, etc.