Manong Dong: Renew one’s faith, Pursue the best kind of public service in 2021

Manong Dong: Renew one’s faith, Pursue the best kind of public service in 2021



Each of us has been struggling ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Every household and business have been greatly affected by the lockdown and community quarantines imposed.


Several employees around the world were relieved from work and businesses were forced to stop their operations. Public transportation was limited and only frontliners and people with essential errands are allowed to go out.


“This test in life, this challenges in life, will only bring out the best in us,” said City Mayor Hermenegildo “Dong” Gualberto during the first flag ceremony of the year. He encouraged all city employees to renew their relationship and faithfulness to God, rise from the challenges of this pandemic, and thus bring the best services to the people.


“Everyone has difficulties and struggles in life, haan tayo nga mailibak nga adun iti naglabasan tayo daytoy 2020, there are lessons to learn during the pandemic, adu dagidiay nagpipintas ken invaluable lessons that we could use as we move forward to the new normal”, he said.


“Let us try to forget our differences from the past, no adda man ti nagdidipirensiyahan ken adda man iti haan pagkikinnaawatan, let us leave it that way but learn from our mistakes, learn from our experience and it will surely be a great year for everyone”, he also said, reminding his co-public servants to prioritize public service and set aside personal interests and differences.


Lastly, he urged each one to commit themselves to provide relentless service, “Let us continue to serve the people, inside and outside of the city hall. Let us continue to look after one another. After all, we are our brother’s keeper. Let us give not a half-hearted service, but the best kind of service that the people of San Fernando truly deserve”.


Mayor Dong also said in his speech that it was not only the pandemic that struck his life last year, “There are many challenges nga napasamak kanyak of course ammo yo amin dagidiay, but I always had peace, I always felt comfort with the love of our Father who has always been there for me, and of course the people of San Fernando”.


This year, the City Government through the leadership of Manong Dong, shall prioritize a more intensified service for all, guided by our faith and relationship with God.