UNDP conducts training for San Fernando geotaggers in preparation for DevLive+

In partnership with the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP), the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) spearheaded a 2-day Geotagging Training for the usage of the DevLive+ application.

From Sept. 2-3, 2021, 10 trainees and core team members from the City Government headed by CPDO Chief Brix Cafuir were trained before getting deployed to perform geotagging activities in the 59 barangays of the City of San Fernando. Manong Dong welcomed the participants and the facilitators from UNDP and also took time to listen to the short briefing.

As GPS operators, they will be geotagging household units, institutional living quarters, non-residential units, and agri-production areas in preparation for the enumeration survey. In line with this, the short course facilitated by UNDP consultants helped them to become adept in the geotagging process.

This training is part of the City’s preparation for the usage of the DevLive+ application, a tool that can help accurately gather data from the barangays up to the household level and get feedback from the constituents, which in turn can be utilized by the City Government in making plans, policies, decisions, and programs for the people. 

In the time of pandemic, technological advancements like this are relevant in helping the City Government make better decisions, create more sustainable programs, and discuss important policies in service of the people of #SanFernandoTayo.