• -Cleanest, Greenest, and Safest LGU (Champion) Regional Development Council Region 1 (RDC-R1)
  • -Coastal Resource Management Implementer (CRM) (City Category) Hall of Fame Awardee(Champion) Regional Development Council Region 1 (RDC-R1)
  • -Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance Council for the Welfare of Children
  • -Silver Trailblazer Award Performance Governance System (PGS) "Institutionalized" -Public Revalida
  • -3rd Place eGov Awards for LGUs Best in eGov Customer Empowerment Awards for Document Tracking System(DTS)
  • -Most Business Friendly LGU City Category Level 3 (National Level)
  • -Seal of Excellence in Population Development Regional Awardee and a National Nomineeof the Rafael M. Salas Population and Development Awards Commission on Population (POPCOM)
  • -Seal of Good Local Governance Awardee for Local Goverment Units (LGUs) Department of Interior and Local Governement (DILG)
  • -Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy (USA) Palladium


  • -Re-certified for ISO Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008); Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004) and Certified for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 18001:2007) AJA Registrar and International Certification Registrar
  • -CFARMC Gawad Saka Regional Outstanding Award Department of Agriculture (DA RO1)
  • -Most Promising e-Government Prize, Efficiency in Document Tracking System (WeGO Awards)
  • -Most Outstanding LGU Coastal Resource Management Implementer Regional Development Council Region 1 (RDC-R1) Champion (City Category)


  • -Pink orchid awardee
  • -Most Outstanding LGU CRM Implementer Champion (City Category)
  • -Public Governance Forum Performance Report Silver Trailblazer Award
  • -1st Place Best in eGov Empowerment (G2C) 2nd Jesse Robredo Awards Excellence in IT for Good Governance - Department of Interior and Local Government


  • -White orchid awardee
  • -Special Citation - Most Business Friendly LGU Awards
  • -DENR Region 1 - Special Citation for implementing environmental projects and programs
  • -First in Region 1 and National Finalist eGov LGU Awards
  • -Gawad Pamana ng Lahi - 2nd Runner-Up (City Category)
  • -2nd Runner-Up Best LGU City in Region 1
  • -1st Runner-Up Search for Cleanest, Greenest and Safest City in Region 1
  • -Successfully Establishing Quality Management System (QMS) Certified to ISO 9001 Standards


  • -Urban Partnership for Sustainable Upliftment, Renewal, Governance & Empowerment
  • -Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, Inc.
  • -Best LGU City in Region I
  • -2nd Runner Up, LGPMS 2009, Regional Level
  • -2010 Best FITS Center, Region I
  • -Best Zero Waste Management Project Implementer on Zero-Basura
  • -Outstanding Performance, Quality of Life Category Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project 2009 Performance
  • -Outstanding Performance, The Entrepreneurs’ Award for Most Honest and Transparent in its Dealings Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project 2009 Performance
  • -Outstanding Performance, The Entrepreneurs’ Award for Most Supportive to MSMEs Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project 2009 Performance
  • -Special Award, For Best in Documentation Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project 2009 Performance
  • -Building Environmentally Sustainable Transport Tricycle Sector Management Project
  • -Most Functional Community Learning Center
  • -The Most Business-Friendly City of the Philippines City Category, Level I Philippine Chamber of Commerce Incorporated
  • -AIM Most Competitive Small Sized Cities Philippine Cities Competitive Ranking Project
  • -Galing Pook Award Basic Integrated Approach on Good Governance
  • -A+ or Star Plus Regional Productivity Performance Regional Productivity Council of the Regional Development Council
  • -Nation-wide Search for Model Barangay for Eco-Waste Management System Barangay Lingsat, City of San Fernando
  • -Best PESO Performance Award City PESO Category (Regional)
  • -Most Outstanding City Jail (National)
  • -Diploma of Service Philippine National Red Cross
  • -Award of Excellence – Cleanest, Greenest & Safest City Regional Finalist
  • -Outstanding Sangguniang Panlungsod Regional Level (National Finalist)
  • -PASADA Award
  • -AIM No. 1 Most Competitive City Small Cities Category
  • -ISA – Dream City Award
  • -DA Huwarang Palengke Award
  • -Best Comfort Room of Wet Market
  • -1st Runner-up Child-Friendly Award Regional Level
  • -Clean & Green City Regional Finalist
  • -Best Hybrid Rice Program - Regional
  • -Institute of Solidarity in Asia - Fellowship Award
  • -TB DOTS (National)
  • -Literacy Award (3rd Place National )
  • -Rafael Salas Award (population)
  • -Green Banner –Nutrition (Regional)
  • -Child-Friendly Cities (Regional Winner)
  • -Most Outstanding City Mayor for Social Services (National)
  • -Asin Law Best Implementor (National)
  • -Most Competitive Small City AIM Pinoy Cities on the Rise (2nd Most Competitive City National Level )
  • -3rd Place Literacy Awards (National)
  • -Child-Friendly Cities (National Finalist)
  • -Green Banner –Nutrition (1st Place Regional)
  • -Konrad Adenauer Medal of Excellence (KAME) Special Recognion and Meritorious Award Stiftung & LOGODEF
  • -1st Runner Up Most Competitive Small City – Pinoy Cities on the Rise  (AIM)
  • -2nd Place National Rafael Salas Population and Development and Improvement Award
  • -Cleanest & Greenest  City 2nd Runner Up National
  • -National Literacy Award (4th Place Outstanding LGU Category)
  • -Kristal Award “ASIN LAW” (Dept. of Health Center for Health Development – Ilocos)
  • -Child-Friendly Cities (Regional Winner) National Finalist
  • -3rd Most Competitive Small Sized City of San Fernando Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking
  • -Recognition of Excellence Special Recognition of Partnership with World Bank Under the City Development Strategy
  • -HABITAT Scroll of Honor
  • -Child Friendly City of Region I

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