City Basic Profile (As of January 2007)


Region I, Northern Luzon
Province La Union
Congressional District First District
Dialect Ilocano
Total No. of Barangays/villages 59
Total Population 119,322
Total Land Area 10,526 has.
Urban Land Area 2,488 has. (24 barangays)

Rural Land Area (residential, agricultural, forest)

8,038 has. (35 barangays)
Total No. of Houses 18,650
Total No. of Household 25,399
Climate Wet Season          June-October

Dry Season           November-May

Agricultural Products Rice, Corn, Legumes, Tobacco
Sources of Income Agriculture, Manufacturing, Commerce & Trade,


No. of Elementary Schools

Public:    26

Private: 17

No. of Secondary Schools

Public:    6

Private: 11

No. of Colleges/Universities 11
Percentage barangays served by La Union Electric Company 100%
No. of Health Facilities

1 Regional Hospital, 4 Privately Owned Hospital,

1 Health Center (24 / 7 operation),

5 Lying-in Clinics under the City Health Office

Financial Systems

30 Commercial/Thrift Banks

2 Rural Banks

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